RAN: Routing Around Nation-States

RAN is a lightweight system that allows a client to access web content without traversing a specified country. It uses a series of overlay network relays to automatically route a client's traffic around a specified country. Below are links to sign up to use the system, instructions to use the system, and a pointer to the source code.

Sign Up

The system does not require any client-side software, instead it generates a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) file that the client points his/her browser at. The PAC file is specific to the client's country and the country the client wishes to avoid. Please sign up to get your custom PAC file to use the system by entering these countries in this form.


(These instructions for a client using a Chrome browser)

1) Go to settings (3 bars in the top right corner of the browser).
2) Click "Show advanced settings"
3) Go to "Network" and click "Change Proxy Settings"
4) Click "Automatic Proxy Configuration"
5) Enter the URL that the PAC file is located at
6) Click "OK"
7) Click "Apply"

This configures the client's browser to use different proxies to access different web content. Using these proxies allows the client to avoid the specified country as often as possible.

Source Code

The source code for the system (including both the relay and oracle software) can be found here.